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4 Amazing smart homes trend

Imagine sitting in living room with background lights changing according to your mood. curtains opening automatically on scheduled time and lot more such things happening. Yes, we are certainly talking about Luxurious Smart homes. It feels like moreover a dream for any however wanting to experience interactive home, with a blend of home decor. This unlikely imagination can be reality with smart devices and internet of things (IOT) technology. As per research by Gartner it is estimated that about 24billion devices would be connected with Internet of things by 2020.

In past years, the concept of technology and blend of décor was unknown to the world but the growing demand of smart home has led to real estate developers in getting new trends by perfectly balancing both the qualities. The home having this blend balance, of both qualities are attracting a lot of millennial and “Tech savvy population”. Let’s explore 4 such amazing trends that can help in décor of your home in better way.

Smart sensory camera:

Its always a plus point to décor coffee table or a service table with some books, magazine and plants. Now there are stylish smart sensory cameras top add an extra elegance and intelligent feel to your décor.

Smart lighting:

A smart homes where we can have early natural morning sunlight is likely to be called as the perfect home. Now with help of Smart lights setup you can have lightings according to your rhythm of your body and have a blissful morning.

This type of automated lightings is very flexible and adjustable in nature. These lights work according to need of the day, condition, weather or even climate change.

Apart from setting up mood lights and customized lights of homeowner future is gradually heading towards the emotional artificial intelligent lightings. The lightings that would work according to physiological behavior of human.

Magical smart Kitchen:

Did you ever imagined having a kitchen that would magical work on your voice commands? Your voice command can help you turn on your cook top and even help you in turning off your cook top. Having coffee on your voice command, and also dishwasher starts cleaning vessels just like your maid on your one command.

Smart Door lock:

Now, the time has came where you get enhanced level of security with smart door locks. The doors can be well equipped with a lock that can work on fingerprint, face recognition, password protected or even smart card can be used to unlock your home. By this you a get a protection from all types of outdoor threats.

So, with the help of smart door locks your security is patched to a next level.

So, this technological revolution has now opened its door in Gujarat. Shreepad group of builders in pal, Surat is all set to develop Gujarat’s first ever Luxury Smart residence. Shreepad Infinia, is a having 3Bhk apartments, with all sorts of smart devices plugged in to make your lifestyle very sleek and intelligent. The building is under construction in one of the most prime and preferred location of the Surat. The apartments are structured in such way that every unit gets a landscape value of nature and even some units are blessed with the Riverview also. Now your wait for having a home, with all magical moves is no moreover a dream.