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Smart Building Technology: Redefining the Future of Building

Smart buildings have created great momentum in recent years. Commercial, real estate, construction, and almost every other sector is ready to take their initiative towards adopting smart building technology. As per some expert reports the smart building sector is likely to grow from about $5.7 billion in 2016 to $24.73 billion in 2021.

Considering the fact that this type of building is comfortable and convenient they also benefit you with overall efficiency, reduction in energy bills, are cost-effective, and using the resources sustainably. Thus, to help you out better, we have outlined a complete guide on smart building technology and why you should go for one.

What are smart buildings?
Imagine, having a commercial or residential apartment with automated rooms, floors, and even your most electronic devices being controlled smartly with cloud-based computing. Controlling your home temperature to even set your mood lighting with just on your finger moves. Yes, certainly the power of smart building is truly endless and undoubtedly makes you feel more and more intelligent day by day.


The smart home can help you with automated facilities such as:
• Secured entry and exit points
• Controlling the temperature of your place
• Turning on/off all your electronic devices at voice command or just by your mobile phones.
• Getting access to your whole property through voice commands without any extra effort.

Being in a smart home makes you feel like you’re entering a whole new world. Smart communication becomes a type of gateway between you and the technological world. Every human also senses to get his life with more comfort and easiness as it can be and smart buildings are the revolutionary formation that makes our life simpler, luxury defined and more comfortable.

Imagine, it’s 6 O’clock in the morning you slept late at night after finishing your everyday work, you are feeling cold in the room and that is disturbing your sleep. Now, you say “Hey, google please turn off the AC” and it does and then you go back to sleep again. How comfortable it is no worries to wake and search for a remote. To transform this imagination into reality Shreepad Group has been developing Gujarat’s first Smart Home project at Shreepad Infinia in Surat. The group has integrated autonomous life with luxury in the project. The project is a residential 3BHK apartment at the prime and one of the most preferred locations of the city. They have been committed to providing excellence and satisfaction to their valuable customer for a long time.

The project being autonomous also comprised with all sorts of Ultra-modern amenities such as 2-floor basement parking, Temperature controlled Gym, Outdoor Gym, Gazebo, a beautifully landscaped garden that covers the entrance of every building of the site, Yoga zone, Outdoor projector wall, Box cricket area, children play area, jogging track and many other loaded amenities. So, it’s time to swift your home into a Smart home with Shreepad Infinia.

The revolution has started taking place to change our lifestyle into smart and luxury. Technology has become part of our life to a great extent and now it is ready for being used at its utmost level. Technology has leaped and has started proving that “life is just one click away from being better”. This revolution is now being redefining the future of buildings and even the human lifestyle. So, the Time has come to upgrade ourselves and have our Smart Commercial properties and make our business smart to match the world. Also, make to have Smart Residential properties to enhance the level of comfort and luxury.