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The Journey of Real Estate Legacy Shreepad Group

Shreepad Group is a reputation built over a decade and proudly passed on to generations as a legacy. We are uttered as a renowned name today when it comes to building luxury apartments, flats or residences. It took years of restless efforts and expertise to give innovative, exemplary and inspirational premium apartments to people.

We would like you to get closer with an introduction to our journey and the way we have flourished as one of the best real estate developers in Surat. Why Shreepad Group is named so…

Piousness lies in the name itself – Shreepad Group. We have derived the name from Lord Vishnu which means “foot of good fortune”

You already invite good fortune as you buy any property under Shreepad Group. Believing that a well begun is half done, we wish that all the buyers of our luxury residences will always be fortunate.

Shreepad Group – The Beginning
Initiated by the family in the year 1985, Shreepad Group now has an extended clientele with numbers of happy families owning 3BHK, 4BHK & 5BHK flats in Surat and surrounding areas.

Being a real estate developer in the cut-throat competition is only possible with the changeadaptive, versatile and flexible approach of the young, talented & dynamic 2nd Generation of Shreepad Group. They have taken over the legacy in the year 2008 with the development of our very first project and changed the scenario and the way people imagine modern homes.


– Completed in 2008

– Located in Pal, Surat
– Completed in 2011
– 2 & 3 BHK Luxury Apartments

– Located in Pal, Surat
– Completed in 2013
– 3 & 4 BHK Ultra-Modern Apartments

– Located in Pal, Surat
– Ready Possession Flats developed in 2015
– 4 BHK Deluxe Apartments

– Located in Pal, Surat
– Ready Possession Flats developed in 2016
– 2 & 3 BHK Luxury Apartments

– Located in Pal, Surat
– Ongoing Project of 2016
– 3 BHK Lavish Apartments

– Located in Pal, Surat
– Ongoing Project of 2018
– 3 BHK Premium Apartments

– Located in Pal, Surat
– Newly Launched Project in 2019
– 4 & 5 BHK Premium Apartments

Most of the projects by Shreepad Group are located in Pal, Surat and so if you are looking for your dream luxury home in Surat, we can get you sorted with our affordable apartments.

What makes us different?
All of our projects are developed under the “GREEN BUILDING” concept since 2018 and this idea will be implemented in all the upcoming projects

Our idea of “GREEN BUILDING” was recognized by IGBC & we were rewarded with the Highest Pre-certified Platinum Certification in 2019 for our project – Shreepad Park Arena

Vision & Mission
We don’t attempt real estate properties with a profit-gaining approach but a viewpoint to give luxurious homes with modish amenities that fit current lifestyles at its best.
Every project by Shreepad Group is delivered within deadline and 100% customer satisfaction along with premium quality as promised. Any owner of luxury apartments built by us is a valuable customer for us and we make sure that their trust is built strong with years.
We value your investment of trust and money with us and so we make sure that you get your property with safety-backed, amenity-rich and affordable homes. With every project, many families get their dream homes into reality which is a dream come true for us too.
We are looking forward to raising the bar of quality and implement innovative trends in our upcoming projects.

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