What does luxury really mean? Why are people always looking for luxury in everything they own? Luxury is a state of great comfort or elegance, that especially involves great expense. In today’s time, everyone wants a luxury lifestyle and luxury residential projects that has everything opulent. The top builders in Surat, a metropolitan city of Gujarat, have started focusing on giving not just a regular home but a home that you can own and call a luxury. They are building luxurious residential towers to give a unique and smart lifestyle to the people.

A home that gives the occupant higher-than-average levels of comfort, quality, and convenience is what defines a luxurious flat or apartment. Shreepad Group is one of the top 10 real estate developers in Surat, who are known for their unique artisanal construction and state-of-the-art architectural brilliance. We build top-notch real estate property with ample necessities and exotic amenities, that give a status symbol to your lifestyle and living in society.

Here are 5 features that define luxury homes:

1. Home plans: It is said that with luxury comes spaciousness and comfort. Hence, the premium 2BHK, regal 3BHK, and super-deluxe 4BHK homes are designed with utmost spacious planning, open river viewing areas, 19’ wide deck balcony, and much more facilities that exceed your expectations and needs. At Shreepad Park Arena, you get an in-house Cafeteria, Grocery Store, Laundry Service & Guest Rooms, it is the first time introduced for complete convenience and luxury.

2. Security: Many residential towers in Surat have in-built security systems that make life secure, safe, and tension-free. In order to keep your family and house safe from unwanted attention and burglary, homes are provided with smart locks, CCTV Cameras in and around the campus, safety alarms for fire and break-ins. And for stronger security, the luxury apartments in Pal and Palanpor Surat have a security guard at the entrance of the residential towers.

3. Home Decor: Everyone loves homes that are lavishly designed and have eye-pleasing and calming interiors that speak your status. The interiors are inspired by international architects, the decor used is of the trending style all this is what defines a luxurious residential property. The art, rounded corners, and archways that are installed in the homes give your house a novel touch. The Shreepad homes, whether 2bhk, 3bhk, or 4bhk, all residencies offer opulent interiors that are beyond your expectations.

4. Surreal view from the property: Who does not love homes that make you fall in love at the first sight? And what’s even better to have homes that have a calming and peaceful view from your wide deck balcony? We give you homes that have a surreal view of the 70,000 sq. ft. landscape garden at Shreepad Park Arena and 28,000 sq. ft. landscape garden at Shreepad Celebration. So nothing feels better than coming home from work to a peaceful environment and breath-taking views.

5. Smart Home features: The trend of smart homes was started way back in 2000, but the trend was not really implemented and accepted in our country. Shreepad Group brings you Shreepad Infinia, Gujarat’s first Next Generation Smart Homes are newly launched in Pal, Surat. The homes have a voice command system to access your smart homes through Google/Alexa. You can control the TV, AC, lights, and fans through the app even though you are away from your home.

There are amazing and luxury residential towers in Surat that have breathtaking elevations, are located in the posh areas of Pal and Palanpor are offering the best of the best amenities like none other. You can check out some of the projects – Shreepad Park Arena, Shreepad Celebration, and Shreepad Infinia.