Is Outdoor Games Vs Modern Gadgets Still A Fight?| 3bhk project in surat

Is Outdoor Games Vs Modern Gadgets Still A Fight? Well, Not At Shreepad Group

If we look back in our childhood, we would recall that there was hardly any day when we spent our evenings in the house. We were so much indulged in playing outdoors that, at times, it was even tough for our parents to keep us inside. There are so many fond memories of us playing badminton, cricket, marbles, volleyball, hide and seek, and whatnot.

But, the time has evolved. Nowadays, kids are spending much less time outside as compared to earlier generations. Today, most of the time, our children are tuned into their gadgets, watching movies, playing video games, chatting on phones, and so on. It’s almost like they don’t know how to play outside anymore.

The aftermath of too much screen time!

These modern-day gizmos have made our children hesitant to play outdoors, stroll in the park, or enjoy the liveliness of nature. This is damaging their long-term health. Some study also reveals that when a child spends too much time using these gadgets, it induces problems like myopia (nearsightedness), restlessness, aggression, and many others.

While technology is a vital part of our lives, we can still convince our children to have fun with the exciting stuff outside rather than getting bottled up inside the house.

But first, we need to adapt.

Parents are also one of the mainsprings of children not going outside. The following are the reasons:

  • Parents are always afraid that something might happen to their kids and so they keep them from going out. Even if they let them go, they continually keep monitoring, which limits the freedom of children
  • When children crave to go to a pool, beach, or just outside, they are instantly shelled with sunscreens, caps, sunglasses, long sleeves clothes, and much more. This stiffens their belief that nature is dangerous. But, we need to realize that a few hours of outer exposure will not harm a child. In fact, they will learn why they need all that.
  • Apart from their safety, real-life lessons are also essential for a child. Urging them to play outside and spending time with other kids their age will bring them closer and reinforce their relations. Bickering with their friends will train them for real-life experiences, and they will learn to work mutually and fix the problems.

The importance of befriending nature!

The time spent outside having fun with other children is very crucial for any child. It enhances their physical, mental, and emotional well-being. Let’s see how.

  • Activities like running, jumping, or playing any sport build them physically.
  • While playing outside, children learn confident behavioral skills also adds to their intellectual and social growth.
  • They get to explore more, which makes them more creative and inventive.
  • It frees their minds, souls, and hearts and makes them realize they are part of nature.
  • By giving opportunities to children to play and learn outdoors, we can awaken a deep bond among them for our ecosystem and build a happy and healthy generation.In a nutshell, outdoor play helps children develop all-around and such children seemingly grow into adults that cherish our mother nature.
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