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Premium 3BHK Apartments

Luxurious Flats in Surat: Comparing Ordinary vs. Premium 3BHK Apartments

When it comes to buying property in Surat, there are many options available, including ordinary 3BHK apartments and luxurious 3BHK flats. In this blog, we will compare the two types of apartments based on various factors. We will also see why Shreepad Group is among the top 10 builders in Surat. And its project, Shreepad Shivanta, offers luxurious flats in Surat, including 3BHK flats in Pal, Surat. They also have a penthouse in Pal, Surat, which is a 4BHK penthouse that offers a spacious and luxurious living space.
Now let’s understand the differences between an ordinary 3BHK and a luxurious 3BHK based on various factors.

Location: Location is an important factor when buying property in Surat. We often see that ordinary flat projects are situated in remote locations with long-distance connectivity and are surrounded by fewer local amenities. Shreepad Shivanta is located in a prime location, surrounded by various amenities, such as restaurants, cafes, schools, and hospitals. It’s easy to find everything nearby, and it’s easy to reach every corner of the city.

Campus: Choosing the right campus should also come into consideration. Ordinary flat projects always have a congested campus with lots of buildings, making you feel like you live in a concrete jungle Shreepad Shivanta, which only has 2 towers, offers a spacious and open campus with plenty of greenery and landscaping. This creates a peaceful and calming atmosphere for residents to enjoy.

Water: Water is one of the most important elements in construction. Impurities in water affect the quality of construction, as it is used for the preparation of mortar, concrete work, curing work, etc. We have always seen ordinary flats have discolouration or stains on the walls. Shreepad Shivanta uses RO water for construction, which ensures that the building is constructed with high-quality materials, resulting in a durable and long-lasting structure.

Parking: Allotted car parking is another essential factor to consider when choosing a property. Ordinary flats have unallotted, uneven car parking, which creates overcrowding and disputes on campus. Shreepad Shivanta offers allotted car parking spaces for each apartment, ensuring that residents’ vehicles are safe and secure, which also increases the value of the property.

Elevators: Elevators are another factor to consider when buying apartments in Surat. You have always experienced hassle while using elevators in ordinary flat projects due to their slow speed, small size, and lack of standards in quality. Shreepad Shivanta uses international brands’ elevators. These elevators often come with advanced features, technology, and international standards. such as more space, high speed, energy efficiency, and smart controls, providing a more convenient, safe, and sustainable transportation solution.

Separate Dressing room: Spaciousness is a crucial factor when buying flats in Surat. In ordinary flats, you cannot accommodate anything extra than a bed in the master bedroom. Well, apartments at Shreepad Shivanta have a master bedroom with a separate dressing area. A separate dressing area allows one to get ready for the day without disturbance, increasing privacy, and the bedroom is more spacious where you can accommodate more furniture and decor, providing more opportunities for personalization.

Balcony: Wide balconies are a feature that adds value to any apartment. You step out, and the balcony gets over. A balcony is just for a name in any ordinary flat. Apartments with a Wide Deck Balcony at Shreepad Shivanta provide a private outdoor space to relax, unwind, and enjoy the fresh air and natural light. It can also increase the usable living space, providing more room for entertainment, gardening, or other activities.

Bath fittings are : Bath fittings are another factor that sets luxurious apartments apart from ordinary ones. Regular bath fittings with the same leakage problems That’s what you get in ordinary flats. At Shreepad Shivanta, you will experience the aesthetic appeal of bathrooms with international brands like American Standard and Grohe, which ensure high-quality, durable fixtures, water-saving features, and easy-to-clean surfaces, providing a more sustainable and convenient bathroom solution.

Columns and beam designs: The obstruction of columns and beams in the apartments is also an important factor to consider. Actual usable space gets cut due to the obstructed columns and beams in ordinary flats, which is also called “dead space,” which has no use and makes space smaller. Apartments at Shreepad Shivanta with unobstructed columns and beam designs in the living, dining, and kitchen areas provide more spaciousness, natural light, and airflow. It also allows for more flexible furniture arrangements and interior designs, providing more creative options for personalization and customization.

Quality of Paint: Color paint is another factor to consider when buying a property. It is always seen that ordinary apartments’ exterior walls get dull, discoloured, stained, or leaked after several years. The same aesthetic appeal of the building gives it a fresh and vibrant appearance even after 10+ years; is this possible? Yes, at Shreepad Shivanta, we do texture and use premium waterproof wall paint on the exterior wall of the building. It provides a durable and long-lasting protective layer, which reduces maintenance costs and efforts that can increase its resale value and attractiveness to potential buyers.

Status: In comparing an ordinary 3BHK and a luxurious 3BHK apartment, one of the most significant factors to consider is the status. Owning a property in Shreepad Shivanta is a statement of success and affluence, elevating the owner’s status and reputation. It provides a sense of prestige and exclusivity. In conclusion, if you’re looking for luxurious flats in Surat, Shreepad Shivanta by Shreepad Group is an excellent choice. With features such as an open and spacious campus, allotted car parking, RO water use in construction, wide balconies, high-quality colour paint, and bath fittings, this new project in Pal Surat offers a luxurious living experience. So, if you’re looking to buy a 3BHK flat in Surat or a penthouse in Pal Surat, be sure to check out Shreepad Shivanta and enjoy a life of luxury!