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The millennial approach to future home buying

In today’s unique market and economy, millennials are changing the traditional approach towards home buying. Millennials have been tagged as avid spenders, as someone who will spend Rs.5000 on a pair of jeans or a dress just because they fit “perfectly”. A similar funda is adopted by them when it comes to home buying. Many […]

Simple Steps for an Eco-Friendly Home

The eco-friendly home, environment is one where you get products and services that are not just cost-effective but beneficial to health. Following the concept of eco-friendliness is underrated in our surrounding mostly because of misconceptions and false concepts of self-pride. An eco-friendly environment has long term health benefits to everyone in their surroundings. It may […]

Choose a home that allows work life balance

Choose a home that allows work-life balance Striking a work-life balance in our lives can have a drastic effect on our relations and the quality of work that you do. We have often read this statement and have always underrated its importance in daily life. At some point of time in life, all of us […]

A Legacy of Trust, Luxury and Quality

Home is not just a roof to stay in, but the mark of your lifestyle in luxury apartments, environment and class. Urban population is increasing day by day and consequently, peaceful and good places of living are shrinking by the day. It can be tough to find space amidst the city like Surat that is […]

Set Up a Balcony Garden in Your Apartment

Gardening is not just a great hobby, but it is also a great way to stay in close proximity to nature. You do not need to get disheartened if your residential projects do not let a huge lawn or open ground space. These days’ nature lovers have inculcated a very beautiful and alluring way to […]

Reasons to buy a house in Shreepad Group’s projects

Shreepad Group is a real estate developer in Surat. It is one of the top 10 reputed builders having the expertise of more than 12 years and provide 2-3-4-5 BHK residential living space. Shreepad’s passion is to create landmarks that meet global standards. Every property of Shreepad delivers world-class design and uncompromised quality and is […]


Best Product, Best Time and Best Place to Invest in Surat Real estate investments are an invaluable chunk to your investment list. Major opinions of investors with real estate have been favorable. It is hardly possible that a property investment made a few years back has now led to decrease in property value. The rate […]